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We are a full service Montreal web development and web design company. Agatha65.com offers professional, affordable website development, website design and redesign services and solutions for logo design, graphic design, search engine optimization and social media management.

Corporate & Personal Websites

If you want to: promote your business, sell your products online or share your ideas You need someplace to call Home online

E-Commerce Websites

We provide eCommerce website solutions for all types of businesses large and small. Start selling products online with your own webstore.
We design, develop and market best practice eCommerce websites using OpenCart.

Opencart Extensions and Development Services

While Opencart has a number of useful features as standard, there are of course always ways to tweak your site to get your visitors enjoying their experience while browsing, and funneling them to your checkout for a sale.

About Agatha65

  • Hi, I'm Agatha.

    I'm a web developer.

    I'm a Bulgarian currently living in Montreal, Canada.
    I've been building web applications for over ten years with my specialties being in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I’ve worked solo, in collaboration with small teams of designers and programmers, or with single designers, usually based abroad. I'm equally strong at building front-end interfaces (HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Ajax) and building the back-end application (Object-Oriented PHP, MySql database design). My experience over the past four years collaborating with respected concept artists, who always bring innovative, if occasionally unorthodox ideas to the table, has challenged me to remain flexible and open-minded in my approach.

  • Right Brain, Meet Left Brain

    Go Beyond Client Expectations

    My freelance work has been concerned mainly with providing comprehensive web solutions (graphic design, content management, and web mastering), while my employee/contracting work has been generally more software engineering-oriented. My breadth of professional experience as a team player and as a solo provider communicating with clients spread out around the world spans a wide spectrum of roles. I'm experienced in and comfortable with wearing multiple hats in various situations and going the extra mile to meet and exceed the requirements of discerning clientele.

How We Help

A History of High Quality Workmanship and Excellent Customer Service

Websites Focussed on UX

Websites Focussed on UX

If you want to be a major player in your industry you need a website to convey that message. The online world is different to the real world in that you only get one brief moment to impress. If, even only for a second, that first impression is not perfect, then it is very easy for your visitors to navigate to a competitor’s site of which there are often hundreds and sometimes thousands.

We understand your website is central to your brand identity, reputation and how customers perceive you.

We are well versed in creating online solutions for companies with an eye on the bigger picture.

We won't simply provide an off-the-shelf solution, your CMS platform will be fully customised and include modules and functionality specifically tailored to your business requirements.

A secure and sales-ready e-commerce online store delivered by Agatha65

A secure & sales-ready e-commerce online store delivered by Agatha65

An e-commerce website can help you substantially boost sales. The internet has become a very powerful tool if you can use it to the fullest. At Agatha65.com, we work hard to ensure that the end product is not only user friendly and easy on the eye but serves it’s purpose – to improve your margins. We also place importance on rating well on the bigger search engines like Google and Yahoo.When your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is done effectively and you rate well on these search engines you will notice a big increase to your website traffic, and if your web site has been designed and developed effectively you will notice an increase in profits. Our team of OpenCart developers, design and develop OpenCart e-commerce websites tailor made for your business requirements and target audience, with a focus on interactive functionality and best-practice conversion optimisation techniques.

OpenCart modules and extensions

Why select Agatha65 for OpenCart development services?

We do everything relating to OpenCart eCommerce web design and development.

Every customer requirement is appreciated
Full attention & dedicated efforts are put on regardless of project size
You win with matchless standards, features & speedy services
Custom OpenCart extensions and integration
We are accessible for 24/7 – problem solving, doubts or support.
Fully secured & quality-rich OpenCart development services are offered at pocket friendly rates

We would be happy to show you examples and advise you on how we can help your business.

Using best practice techniques we develop sites that are user friendly, functional and engaging. From desktop to mobile we develop across a range of platforms to optimise customer engagement and conversion rates.
We can help you optimise your website so that your site and its products appear in search engines such as Google.

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